Beauty & The Eyes Of The Beholder

How would you describe a beautiful person? Have you ever wondered what facial features make someone beautiful? The phrase “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” has been used to emphasize the fact that everyone has different views and opinions as to what constitutes a beautiful face. And we are just talking about the superficial beauty. The one that you can only see with your eyes. It is true that personality plays a huge role in our decision making, but taking the inside beauty aside, today, more and more people would agree on certain features that are required in order for a person to be labeled a real beauty.

For instance having crystal clear and fresh skin is a beautiful feature. Also having long and thick eyelashes tends to be part of that package. Beautiful big eyes more often blue or green tend to be a popular choice. Nicely shaped nose, without bumps and ridges, and the well shaped and full lips are amongst the top choices. After this description we can all think of a person that would check all the boxes. Like Kim Kardashian, the most famous or infamous women with a whopping 117 million Instagram followers. Almost every person alive would agree that she is a beautiful woman that stands as a model for today’s beauty standards. The thing is her look has been altered and perfected by professionals in the field. Professionals that charge huge amounts of money for putting her on that pedestal for beauty.

And more and more women, especially young women strive to look just like her. After all that’s how the plastic surgery business got its first clients. They offer a model that has specific facial features and they place that model in every movie, commercial and magazine to make it popular and sought after. In the 50s that model was Marilyn Monroe. Now that model became every member of the Kardashian family. And their faces have been made to look like they have been chiseled out of marble. (Because they are). They know it all to well, and they have managed to make a pretty hefty amounts of fortune for themselves. Heck, the youngest one, Kylie Jenner, has even managed to become a billionaire +9thanks to her beauty empire. And that’s all because of one thing and one thing only. The Internet. Especially since Instagram appeared and models like the Kardashian family have become so famous, pushing this beauty model became even easier. The world is getting smaller and communicating with someone on the other side of the world can be done with just a push of a button or a slide with the finger.

But instead of pushing for diversity and giving us a wider choice on what we consider beautiful, the world has agreed on just a couple of features like the ones mentioned above and everything outside of that frame is not acceptable. And that is a huge problem. Because none of us fit in the Kardashian beauty standards (well except obviously the Kardashians). And not to mention that a lot of us don’t even want to. But even for someone that comes close to those standards, wanting to change the features that make them unique and distinguish them from the “model” is a dangerous road. Most importantly it’s a shame to make ourselves look like someone else. It takes away from our uniqueness and personality. We all harness our own personal beauty that shouldn’t be tampered with.

So instead of trying to change in order to resemble our icons, we should start to accept the qualities that make us unique. We should push for a change in the beauty industry. We should all seek new models. Real ones. With big noses and small lips and bushy eyebrows. We shouldn’t all have one definition of beauty. Beauty should remain undefined. It should remain in the eyes of the beholder. Because that’s real diversity and that’s the real picture of the world. It’s big and it’s beautiful, no matter the features.

So cheers to me, cheers to you and to all the BEAUTIFUL women out there!

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